Q&A: Device Detection with Chris Abbott from DetectRight

Responsive web design is such the hot topic these days and it clearly has it’s proponents and detractors. One common complaint about RWD has to do with the size of site and the impact that has on performance. It’s all too common to find responsive sites sending the same amount of information to mobile devices as they do to desktops. Device detection services and techniques can help us optimize our content and serve the right data to the right device.

At this point you amy be saying, “Isn’t one point of RWD to have a single code base and to deliver the same content to everyone?” The answer is yes and at the same time no. Yes, people are often looking for the same content regardless of what they use to view your site. No, they don’t want that 1800 x 1200 pixel full screen background image sent to their phone.

This is where detection techniques can come in to solve for those problems. Adapting content in a way that provides an optimized but not reduced way. We are not taking anything away because someone is using a smaller device. We simply want to optimize what is sent in order to maintain a good performance and in turn good user experience.

Today I’ve asked Chris Abbott, Mobile Detection and Analytics Expert, from DetectRight to answer some questions about the role of device detection, dispel some misconceptions and how device detection can help in developing optimal web experiences.

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