Holistic Approach to Web Design

In this presentation I talk about the importance of balancing the useful, usable and desirable qualities of a web site to create a great user experience. Through a content out, mobile first, progressive enhancement approach you can reach the greatest number of potential viewers while ensuring the most appropriate experience for each in the process.

The purpose of the holistic approach is to never lose site of the user and what they are really visiting your site for and that is your content. This approach is built on the ideal of radical inclusion. That is to say that nothing we do as designers or developers should ever prevent the user from accessing our content.

As always I’d like to hear your thoughts on that subject. Enjoy.

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Mike Donahue

Just a guy that's passionate about creating useful, usable and desirable experiences for all humans. I love nature and wildlife photography, it's my source of artistic expression and inner peace. I live and play in South Florida with my wife Nikki and our girls (dogs) Layla and Cassidy.

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