Slideshare: Win User Loyalty by Targeting Logic AND Emotions

Here’s the deck from my talk last month in London. I should have posted this a weeks ago.

The conference was amazing. I met some amazing people, great venue (Park Plaza Westminster), heard some great talks, and got lot’s of great feedback on my presentation, like the following tweet.

One highlight for me had to be when I realized, after 10 minutes or so, after talking to this guy about the UX flaws of door handles and light switches, even whipping out our phones to review photos, that I was talking with Steve Krug. I then blurted out how he was the reason “I was in this UX hell hole,” with a smile on my face. (what I meant to say was “UX rabbit hole”) After he processed my outburst for moment he responded by asking me “Well, are happy here?” to which I quickly answered “Well, yeah” I really do love this stuff and it was such a pleasure to meet the guy who unknowingly put me on this path many years ago with his book “Don’t Make Me Think.”

Hopefully I’ll return at UXPA2015 next year in San DIego, CA (Coronado Island)  with my new talk focused on how we can achieve simplicity by learning what I refer to as being “thoughtfully ruthless.” Keep an eye out for it.

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